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Due to many requests I am going to discuss virus removal. That is of great importance nowadays as newer and more awful viruses are being released all the time. The best offense is a defense that is good so it http://buyoemsoftware.biz is imperative to have anti virus protection. If it’s too late to protect and you have a virus read on. The greatest offense is a defense that is good, as I said. Of the software you buy the one you should not skimp on is an anti virus application. I’ve heard several stories lately of people paying $350.00 to have a virus removed and the operating system reinstalled. This really doesnt make any sense because installing an operating system needs formatting, (erasing), the hard drive which would remove any viruses contained on it anyhow. Protect yourself and prevent being put in that place. Once you are infected you must act quickly.

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Delay will just permit more of your system settings to change. It can be very hard to remove if the virus gets into the root of your system. This is called a root kit virus and they attach themselves to system files that were necessary. With that being said I suggest that you carry on with caution because deleting the wrong files can cause great damage to your own system, occasionally so awful you’re unable to boot up. Here are links to two free root kit anti virus programs. The first is from Sophos. I havent used it yet myself but they do have good reviews… The second is from AVG and I’ve used this one. It is free, thorough, and not slow.

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Here is the link to the software…. Before you use a root kit anti virus it’s critical that you simply disable ALL real time scanners from your own anti virus, spyware, and adware removers along with your firewall. When you choose to delete anything a root kit anti virus finds use extreme care. If you are unsure about what to do go to this link and look up what the program has uncovered to verify if it’s a virus or not. Before beginning scanning for spyware follow this tip. Use a cleaning application to clear temp files and junk files out. It’s going to cut down on the scan time for the anti virus.

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Dont forget to purge your temporary internet files and cookies too. Additionally you have to make certain your applications have the latest updates. Here is what I do when I’m presented with the infected computer. I will run two anti virus software, one at a time. I am going to scan three or two times with one until nothing does be detected by it then I’ll uninstall it. Afterward I run it several times and install another anti virus, the alternative of programs is your responsibility. Here are two other options for you. Get Microsofts free malicious software removal program from this link. I also run Spybot and Adaware afterwards only to make sure I got everything.

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Spybot is for spyware but it definitely will find a virus also. I propose making sure after you think you’ve got discovered everything. There are several websites that offer scans that are online. The only one I’ve used before is Kaspersky and it’s free and methodical. You only go to the site and allow it to scan. By the end you will get a report that reveals any malware left on your own system. Here is the link.. After removing any viruses from your computer it’s always advisable to clean up it.

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Use your cleaning utility to clean registry and the system. After that run your defragmenting application. You should now be at a nice clean system state. That is the ideal time to set a restore point and use your back-up application to create a fresh copy. You do have a back-up software dont you? Alan Hohenbrink

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